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Here are some facts that should have a nobel prize associated with them or something.
The Worst Air in the World - The world's worst air pollution is in Seoul, South Korea, according to a report by the Asian Foundation, in San Francisco. In a one-kilometer-square section of Seoul's Youngdongpo industrial district, fro example, over thirty tons of dust particles fell in a single month.

Best News for Knuckle Crackers - A report in The Wall Street Journal notes that a survey of fifty-six inveterate knuckle crackers recently revealed "no unusual incidence of knuckle arthritis."

Best Night's Rest - Calvin Coolidge, twenty-ninth president of the United States, averaged ten hours of sleep a night.

Most Unusual Dying Breath - When Thomas Edison died in 1931, his friend Henry Ford trapped the inventor's dying breath in a bottle, counting it among his most prized possessions until his own death in 1947.

Worst Status Symbol - Bracelets worn by high-ranking Suka tribesmen in Ethiopia are purposely made so tight that they almost stop the flow of blood. The hands of the rich often become shrunken, withered, and virtually useless. To the Suka, withered hands are a status symbol, and the more atrophied their hands become the prouder the aristocrats are of them.

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