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The ONLY reason i still have midi files on my page is because they've always been here. I've had my site since '97 and when i started, midi was king on personal pages. I don't think people even realize this is here, so it doesn't matter. I have these midis because I want them and there's nothing you can do to make me delete them from the site!
SmashMouth - walksun.mid
Smashing Pumpkins - 33.mid
Queen - Bohemian.mid
Queen - Champion.mid
Metallica - enter.mid
Michael W. Smith - friends2.mid
I have no clue who this is by - KOPESETC.mid
Bush - SWALLOW.mid
Nirvana - teenfm.mid
I just don't know why i have this - truly.mid
Metallica - unforg.mid
Queen - WHOWANTS.mid
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