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Way back when i started making this page, wav files were the rage. I remember that I set a different sound for every action my computer did. I even remember setting different sounds to the different keys on the keyboard. Whilst that fad has passed, I am continuing to advance the torch for those of us who just need a quick wav now and then to brighten our day.
  • weirdo.wav - Short and sweet wav of "weirdo"
  • cheese.wav - A tribute to all those cheesemakers who go unnoticed.
  • plastich.wav - This is a wav that speaks the truth. (I don't know from experience.)
  • stupidhe.wav - Homer Simpson in one of the biggest cutdowns I have ever heard him say.
  • nmexico.wav - Homer makes an amazing discovery.
  • whokill.wav - These are words to live by.
  • fart.wav - The French man from Monty Python's "Search for the Holy Grail" giving one of my favorite insults.
  • bucket.wav - Listen to this guy, or get what's coming.
  • cheese.wav - Hank Hill expressing his emotions about his boy.
  • beer.wav - Barney from the Simpsons freaks out about the beer supply.
  • bitelegs.wav - Another "Holy Grail" sound from the Black Knight.
  • wound.wav - King Arthur speaks to the Black Knight after he has chopped off his arms.
  • canada.wav - Homer Simpson makes a lame excuse for getting lost.
  • chicken.wav - It's a chicken sound.
  • cutdown.wav - King Arthur is puzzled by the command of the knight who say "Ni."
  • dreamspt.wav - I'm sure this is a dream of many people out there.
  • garth1.wav - We've all felt this way about someone special.
  • spinach.mp2 - Space Ghost is so very talented.
  • morning.wav - This is a fun windows startup sound.
  • 5stages.wav - I hope we all can be this graceful with a terminal illness.
  • apu7.wav - This is a fun Windows exit sound.
  • stupid3.wav - This is so true.
  • wrong.wav - This is how I correct people.
  • homers.wav - I wish Homer were my dad.
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